Brilliant Qlikview Parallel Co-Ordinates Chart

It’s time for a Big Dog chart…from a Big Dog; this piece of awesomeness came via Alistair Eaves Director of Qlikview Labs and therefore Qlikview Geek Number One; it’s the Parallel Co-Ordinates Chart: What complicated Extension Object is used to create this wonderous graphic? – none; it’s a bog standard Line Chart; in my mind … Continue reading

Set Analysis; Good For You, Bad For Your RAM

To show that this blog isn’t entirely design focused this is a post about RAM usage; specifically how in some cases using Set Analysis in a dashboard can cause the ‘10% rule’ (Each new user using a Qlikview Server adds 10% of the .qvw size into RAM) to be far exceeded potentially blowing your RAM … Continue reading

‘Magical’ QR Code Integration Into Qlikview

A recent post by Elif Tutuk on the Qliktech blog about using Recognition Technologies to get info into a Qlikview application got me to thinking: what else you could do with Qlikview and QR (Quick Response) Codes…and I think I’ve come up with something that whilst a little impractical is about as ‘Fancy-Dan’ as it … Continue reading

New Qlikview Indexed Explosion Quadrant Chart

So how best to visualize relative changes between time periods for your, products, sales regions, sales people, customers etc etc… a QVDesign Indexed Explosion Quadrant Chart of course! The first thing to say is that this isn’t a chart I’ve plucked out of thin air, I first saw it used by the Brussels based Think-Tank … Continue reading

Book Review: The Art of Looking Sideways – Alan Fletcher

So which book that relates to Qlikview to review first? Obviously a tricky question, especially when you consider that the only Qlikview ‘book’ in print is the Qlikview manual (I’m sure someone will write one in the not too distant future). I was thinking to begin with a book about dashboarding, or data visualisation in … Continue reading

Useful Alternate Sort Method for Listboxes

It’s a Friday so how about a simple but really useful post about how to make certain listboxes that little but more user friendly. Basically the aim here is to get around the problem you sometimes encounter when you have a long list of values that you want to sort say alphbetically but within the … Continue reading Style Replication of UN Data a la Mr Hans Rosling

After seeing Hans Rosling give his often blogged about TED Talk a few years ago ( I thought my usual thought upon seeing such things; I can do that in Qlikview. I strongly recommend anyone in Pre-Sales watches the video as it really shows how to engage your audience with you and the data by … Continue reading

Good Post From Stephen Redmond at Cap Ventis

I’ve just come across a good post by Stephen Redmond on his blog Qlik Tips that covers the importance of choosing the right background for your dashbaord: And I promise I didn’t write the comment bemoaning the lack of Qlikview visuals posts! The only point I’d add is that whilst white backgrounds are on the … Continue reading

Qlikview Activity Ribbon Chart

What better way to start a new blog than with a new Qlikview chart type (its ‘new’ in the fact I’ve never seen it before in Qikview)? After seeing the following chart via the wonderful blog ( about fatal car crashes in the US – yes it’s a grusome subject but it’s interesting I thought … Continue reading

QV Design – a Design Blog About Qlikview (Obviously)

Welcome to QV Design; a new blog more focused on driving design & layout enhancements of Qlikview; though not to the exclusion of the architecture and scripting elements that we all know and love. Over the coming months I have around 50 or so posts I’ll be looking to present including several new chart types, layout princiapals, … Continue reading