Style Replication of UN Data a la Mr Hans Rosling

After seeing Hans Rosling give his often blogged about TED Talk a few years ago ( I thought my usual thought upon seeing such things; I can do that in Qlikview. I strongly recommend anyone in Pre-Sales watches the video as it really shows how to engage your audience with you and the data by telling a story.

So here we have my version constructed with data from the UN to show various country by country metrics for things like Life Expectancy, GDP per Capita, CO2 Emmisions etc.

Anything Hans can do we can do almost as well in Qlikview!
As with Hans’ visualisation we can see here the story he tells, the small jumps and contractions due to fleeting events such as Maos Long March / Civil War breifly lowering life expectancy in China or the more endemic stories such as the near constant stagnation of the 3rd world. This for me goes to the heart of what data visuals really should be; they tell a story even if it’s rarely as important as the data shown here.
Of course we could take the chart further; for example adding a hierarchy drill from say continent to country much as Hans’ original; with great data like that from GapMinder and the UN Data repository the possibilities are nigh on endless.

Hans' original GapMinder Version

Hope you find the data as interesting as I have.
All the best,
One Response to “ Style Replication of UN Data a la Mr Hans Rosling”
  1. Deepak says:

    I wonder if using scatter plot in qlikview will by default give the play function as in your example. Very inspiring!

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