Upcoming New Qlikview Chart Types Inspired by Tableau

 As readers of some of my previous posts will be aware; I’ve been looking at Tableau recently and I’ve stated that Qlikview could take alot from what Tableau does (that’s not to say I think Tableau is a better product I think it has several key flaws) by way of visualisations so this post is … Continue reading

Different Ways to Interact & Display Information With Bar Charts & Tables

Something of an ambiguous title for this post but it’s quite a nebulous ‘solution’ to a problem that isn’t really a problem!? DOWNLOAD THE EXAMPLE .QVW – It will make understanding what’s been done here so much easier – https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BxloTMUod74tOHFsZC1CMlNRdnVjaHRzRkk4dlFlZw. ***Firstly; I have to hold my hands up and say that I’ve just spotted identical … Continue reading

New Qlikview Proportional Waffle Charts

Firstly; I didn’t coin the term ‘Waffle Chart’ (I prefer ‘Proportional Squares’), I first came across them on the excellent data visualization blog EagerEyes (http://eagereyes.org/blog/2008/engaging-readers-with-square-pie-waffle-charts), secondly I have to admit that they are only slightly more useful as regular Pie Charts which to some of you Stephen Few acolytes will equate to nigh on useless. Personally I … Continue reading

Qlikview vs The Minority Report vs The Future; a How To Guide

Browsing around the web as I do led me to the recently revamped Project Brokers (a UK Elite QV Partner) website – very nice it looks too, but I was drawn to a particular page: http://www.projectbrokers.com/killerApps/xbox-kinect-qlikview.html; that’s right ‘Kinect for Qlikview’…sounds very whizzy indeed; something right out of The Minority Report. I’ve managed to un-earth … Continue reading

Method To Highlight Dimensional Groups of Data in Tabular Charts

Now that’s what I call a dry heading! It sounds more like a doctoral thesis than a blog post but it’s the best I could think of to describe what’s being shown here. So what exactly are we doing and why? A relatively common request I had from customers whilst I was a consultant on … Continue reading

2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant Released (aka Smuggled)

It’s that time of year again; the Gartner Magic BI Quadrant is out. Like children expectantly awaiting Christmas the BI vendors await its publication; where will they be, will they be up, down, left or right, will they have been dropped altogether!!! Personally I don’t give this piece of ‘Magic’ (am I missing the ‘Magic’; … Continue reading

At Last! A Good Dashboard Design From Qliktech – or is it?

It may be a bit of an exageration; there have been some reasonable looking dashboards that originated from the Qliktech mothership but so far I think this is the best one I’ve seen, it’s taken from a recent presentation delivered to Qliktech Partners via the Qollaborations scheme. However; there’s always a ‘however’, taking a closer … Continue reading

Simple But Effective Geographic Heat Map Technique

Readers from the UK may well have noticed the newly re-designed Channel 4 Weather map (http://www.channel4.com/weather/), it certainly looks striking and in my opinion is quite effective in quickly getting information across to viewers (Therer are a few issues with it I agree): So; time for my usual refrain: ‘That can be done in Qlikview’…and … Continue reading

Qlikview Economist ‘Parlimentary Split’ Chart Replication

I’ve been a subscriber to The Economist since my teenage years (That wasn’t in the 60’s or anything; I’m only 30) and one aspect that I’ve always been taken with is their usage of charts and here is a common example that they use for showing the make-up of national parliments: Of course I doubt that … Continue reading