Qlikview vs The Minority Report vs The Future; a How To Guide

Browsing around the web as I do led me to the recently revamped Project Brokers (a UK Elite QV Partner) website – very nice it looks too, but I was drawn to a particular page: http://www.projectbrokers.com/killerApps/xbox-kinect-qlikview.html; that’s right ‘Kinect for Qlikview’…sounds very whizzy indeed; something right out of The Minority Report.

Tomorrows Future Today...or Maybe Tomorrow

I’ve managed to un-earth a video of something similar being used with SAP shown here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_V1QI5KdI3I&feature=youtube_gdata_player ,thinking about it; the controls wouldn’t actually be that difficult to map; hands are tracked as markers, a fist close equals a right-mouse button hold down, opening again releases the ‘mouse button’, two hand swipe changes tab left or right etc etc.

This wouldn’t be much of a post if all I were doing was saying ‘look at this’ so instead I’ll outline how to acheive the projector touch screen effect via a different method; by using a Wii-mote and some open source software. I should also state that a colleague and myself did build this and it does work so we aren’t in the realm of theory here; this is The Future Here Today!

First you’ll need the following: 1x Wii-mote, 1x USB Bluetooth Dongle, 1x Download of integration software, 1x controllable infra-red LED (from Maplin or similar – Tom is using them on his gloves) & 1x machine running Qlikview connected to a projector, all the additional bits over and above the traditional Qlikview stuff can be bought for around £40/$70.

You can download the required software and read more about the generall process of turning any surface into a touch screen by using a Wii-mote here: http://johnnylee.net/projects/wii/

I won’t outline all the details here as they’re covered by the above link but the general gist is that the Wii-mote is placed next to the projector facing the projector screen (the Wii-mote actually contains an infra-red camera) and paired with the machine running Qlikview via the Bluetooth dongle and the downloaded software (which can be a bit tricky), the infra red LED is then used as a pointer to calibrate the whole setup. Once done; away you go a touchscreen projector; switch the LED on to ‘click’ a certain area…ie; make a selection in Qlikview and be just like Tom.

The Qlikview app doesn’t have to be specially adapted, however; the version I was involved with was created soon after the Wii came out and before the iPad and therefore before Qlikview developed the Touch Interface for iPad and therefore was a little buggy; re-doing it now with the touch interface could well actually be usable…as long as you don’t stand infront of the Wii-motes view; which is difficult but it’s a fun experiment and if you don’t tell people about the touch interface it freaks them out when you start ‘clicking’ on the screen!

I’m sure that the Kinect ‘hack’ is pretty similar; I’d love to know how it’s done and see it in action.

All the best,


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