Upcoming New Qlikview Chart Types Inspired by Tableau

 As readers of some of my previous posts will be aware; I’ve been looking at Tableau recently and I’ve stated that Qlikview could take alot from what Tableau does (that’s not to say I think Tableau is a better product I think it has several key flaws) by way of visualisations so this post is a quick round up of several chart objects that are available in Tableau (& other packages) but not as standard in Qlikview that I have already or will be demoing in the near future.

All the Tableau images are taken from their online ‘DemoDepot’: http://demodepot.tableausoftware.com/workbooks

1. Contiguity Chart (aka ‘That Chart from Windows De-fragging’)

Tableau Version

My Qlikview Version

(I’m especially proud of this one – as usual not dirty Extensions)

2. Tableau’s Core ‘Click to Highlight’ Functionality:


My Qlikview Method From my Previous Post

3. Heat Grid Chart:

Tableau Version

Bill Lay's Qlikview Version

A How To guide for this can be found on Bill’s Qlikview blog here: http://qlikboard.com/2010/11/30/color-mixology-101-heat-maps/ (Makes good use of the under-used ColorMix() function)

4. Activity Ribbon Chart:

Tableau Version

My Qlikview Version

I outlined how to achieve this in a previous blog post here: https://qvdesign.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/activity-ribbon-chart/ – it’s still one of my favourites.

5. Shared Dimension Axis Bar Charts:

Tableau Version

My Qlikview Version

I know what you’re thinking; ‘Why not use a Trellis Chart?’ – Simple; Trellis Charts in Qikview are very restricted; here we have 3 different metrics (not just dimensional values) all with their own Y-Axis; in a Trellis they share the same one AND the same min & max values, also sharing a single X-Axis; not replicated as in a QV Trellis. The charts shown here are reactive in just the same way as tradtional charts.

6. Distribution Dots / Multiple Chart Types Sharing a Dimension:

Tableau Version

My Qlikview Version
A nice simple chart that shows hows sales are spread across in this case Sales People within a dimension as well as demonstrating that different chart types can share the same X-Axis.
7. Alternate Map Style:

Tableau Version

(I’m overall a fan of Tableau’s map integration however the fact here that the datapoints are in most cases obscuring the State names is a bit strange)

My Qlikview Version

8. Bullet Charts (The old Classic):

Tableau Version


My Qlikview Version
6 Responses to “Upcoming New Qlikview Chart Types Inspired by Tableau”
  1. Well done Matthew, your post show us how flexible Qlikview is. The examples are great.

    Best Regards,


  2. Paula says:

    I think this show us that QlikView rocks!

  3. Carter says:

    Both Qlikview and Tableau display beautiful charts. Since I work with QV i’m intressted how you developed those nice QV charts. Mind sharing some QV files with us? 🙂



    • qvdesign says:


      As with all my posts; where applicable I’ll be posting .qvw’s of the charts in action.

      The examples here will get dedicated posts in the coming weeks with full how to details and examples.

      All the best,


  4. Daniel says:

    Dear Matt,
    how did you manage to have a checkbox for “values on data points”?

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