Qlikview Associative Radial Chart

This is a chart I came across a few years ago (unfortunately I’ve no idea who created it so apologise for not showing a credit where it’s due) and thought it would come in use one day, I hope it acn be put to wider use.

What we’re showing here is relationships between products; commonly associated products are joined by a brighter line and it’s as simple as that really. However the method needed to achieve this simplicity is quite complex; I won’t try and go into it here but the trickiest part is getting the positions of the datapoints correct which involves the sin() & cos() functions.

I’d love to be able to re-work this chart so as to make the thickness of the lines relative to volume say (much like other similar non-Qlikview charts I’ve seen), unfortuntately it doesn’t seem to be possible as the ‘Line Style’ expression has no effect within a Scatter Chart (as this is). Regardless I think  in the right circumstances this can be a really useful visual; especially for analysing associated and complimentary products within orders are a customers overall purchase history.

The .qvw can be downloaded here: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B0nQ9tZcY4wza2JsRHU2TVJRRXlTUEdlcWpfaHRLdw (For some reason GoogleDocs is playing up and won’t accept .qvw’s so I’ve had to .rar it.)

As always; I hope you can find a use for it.

All the best,


One Response to “Qlikview Associative Radial Chart”
  1. Priscilla says:

    I’m attempting to use this radial chart to show relationships between countries (drill down into cities). How would I modify the sin() and cos() functions in order to place the countries around the circle so that the length of the line can signify the distance between the two locations?

    In other words, I want the countries furthest apart to appear across from each other in the circle, while those close together appear next to each other. I’m guessing the distance field would have to be added into the expression calculation somewhere, but my high school trig is failing me.

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