Qlikview Data Soldier Essentials Part 1: Shortcut Keys

I intend this to be the first in an ongoing series of posts covering things that I’ve found essential during my time as a Qlikview Developer, most will be fairly straight forward but are those types of things that you’ll think ‘why didn’t I know that sooner’ when you find out.

I’m sure most people out there will know of the Qlikview Shortcut keys but for those that don’t this is going to be something you’re going to use everytime you develop in Qlikview.

So without further a do, here’s the full list taken from an internal Qliktech .qvw:

I have to admit there are a number that I’ve never used in my life but there are others that I use everyday so here are my favourites (I’m a sad sad person; having favourite Qlikview Shortcut Keys!?):

Ctrl-r Initiate the reload.

Ctrl+K-C / Ctrl+K-U An absolute god send; I spent years labouriously commenting and un-commenting script until the day I learned these shortcuts; highlight the script you want to comment out and hit Ctrl+K-C – all done each line commented out; awesome!

Ctrl-E Enter the script editor; simple but effective way to get to the Editor I now use it automitically – no more accidently hitting reload when you want to enter the script (why are the 2 most commonly used but un-related icons that look similar next to each other!?)

In addition to those in the list I also make use of the layout control keys:

Ctrl+ arrow keys when an object(s) is selected to move it 1 pixel at a time which is perfect for getting that pixel perfect alignment that’s essential to getting a professional looking dashboard.

Ctrl+Shift arrow keys; as above but moves the object(s) 10 pixels at a time.

So there we have it; nice and simple, these should really be handed out on Day1 of any developers Qlikview career.

As always; all the best,


3 Responses to “Qlikview Data Soldier Essentials Part 1: Shortcut Keys”
  1. Samichez says:

    Printed and hung up at my desk.

  2. iSam says:


    Thanks for sharing the Qlikview shortcut. Maybe you can add Ctrl + G to your list. This shorcut makes it very easy to enable or disable grid view.



  3. Francisco says:

    Ctrl + S and the Ctrl + R to save and run script. I don´t always want to save the script prior to reload so i deactivate the option of always save before running script (or something like that). Grat blog by the way. Greetings from Argentina

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