‘I can see my house from here’: Google StreetView in Qlikview (with no Extensions)

This is a relatively quick post to add to my last GoogleMaps enhancement post that put simply allows you to use what you’ve already built to drive the maps integration to add StreetView into the mix as well. Firstly thanks has to go to Alexander Karlsson – seemingly Qliktech’s ‘Head of Geeky Experimentation’ (that’s a … Continue reading

Enhance Your Qlikview Maps with a Few Simple Tweaks (& fix them if they’ve broken).

Firstly apologise for the amount of time its taken to update the blog, I can’t believe it’s been nearly 3mths since my last post. The reasons are many but chief amongst them is the fact I’ve been thinking a bit deeper about Qlikview and BI in general and have been creating some innovations in those … Continue reading