‘I can see my house from here’: Google StreetView in Qlikview (with no Extensions)

Simple Qlikview StreetView Integration

This is a relatively quick post to add to my last GoogleMaps enhancement post that put simply allows you to use what you’ve already built to drive the maps integration to add StreetView into the mix as well.

Firstly thanks has to go to Alexander Karlsson – seemingly Qliktech’s ‘Head of Geeky Experimentation’ (that’s a compliment) who mentioned using StreetView with the GoogleMaps v3 API in a comment on my previous post. This of course led me to get reading the Developer Guide supplied by Google…and guess what; if you already have GoogleMaps integration in Qlikview it will take you about 2 minutes to set StreetView up.

Things don’t get much easier than this; all you need to do to get the StreetView integration working is to create a Text Object and drop in the following URL:

The only variables required are “&Replace(var_mid_lat,’,’,’.’)&’,’&Replace(var_mid_long,’,’,’.’)&’” and those are lifted straight out of the traditional GoogleMaps integration.
In addition I’ve also added a further variable ‘vHeading’ that allows for some very snazzy panning of the returned StreetView image – you could also amend the Zoom (‘fov=90’) and the Pitch (‘pitch=10’) values.

I’ve set some simple buttons to control the Panning that simply use the following Expressions via an Action to update the vHeading variable:

Pan Left: =if(vHeading<=30,360,vHeading-30)

Pan Right: =if(vHeading>=330,0,vHeading+30)

(The value can run from 0-360 so using the above expression allows us to rotate continually, similar principals could be used for controlling the Zoom and Pitch within the required ranges.)
As a caveat; I’m using a full PostCode Longitude & Latitude file that I put together and not the aggregated one that most implementations use, this gives me much more fidelity and means the image returned from StreetView is (almost) certainly of the location required. Using the standard Lat/Long file will probably still show something via StreetView but it could be miles away from where you expect.

Highly Granular PostCode Map

Finally I’ve used the GetPossibleCount() function to ensure the option to view StreetView is only offered when there’s only a single PostCode to show.

Note of Caution: API calls to StreetView count towards the 25,000 calls in 24hrs limit imposed by Google (also outlined by Alexander).

Obviously integrating StreetView isn’t as important as the traditional GoogleMaps setup but certainly in some places it’s useful non-the less; as I repeatedly bang on about; I’m working with insurers and providing them with a quick and integrated way to click a risk in Qlikview and straight away see an image of the local area (and in most cases the property itself) really helps build an impression of the risk…and of course it looks impressive! Certainly if I were still in pre-sales I’d be getting this setup straight away and shown off to every prospective customer.

So many thanks to Mr Karlsson and as always I hope you can put this to use.

All the best,


(All data shown has been scrambled)

3 Responses to “‘I can see my house from here’: Google StreetView in Qlikview (with no Extensions)”
  1. Good feature really like it!

  2. mrak says:

    hi, is it possible to see example file on how you did this?

    I understand what you do here, but I am unable to figure out which extensions you used to get this result?

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