A New Way to Spread the Word to Those at the Qlikview Coal Face– The Qlik Dev Group

Coal Face

No!, despite the lack of blog post activity suggesting otherwise; I’m not dead! I’ve simply been busy with life and Qlik related work and not had the time to focus on this blog as much as I’d like.

As you’ll all no doubt be aware whilst this blog has been idle there’s been a profusion of new Qlik related blogs from all manner of sources – some are good and some are bad but on the whole the community is now better served than ever when it comes to resources and the sharing of ideas & innovations…but in my mind there’s always been one thing missing: an real world, face-to-face independent developer group, so that is what I along with 2 colleagues have set up with Qlik’s support.

Why an independent Developer Group? Simple; developers are the missing un-loved key to the whole Qlik empire: without developers there’d be no implementations of Qlik – there’d be no business and yet until now the developer community have been left out on an online limb. Customers and Partners understandably have their events and engagements but we developers (outside of the Partner network at least) have been left to fend for ourselves gleaning knowledge from where we can and quite often living in the closed worlds of our client engagements. Plus, if every other decent software package has dev / user groups why shouldn’t Qlik!?

The group was born after a Luminary Program lunch at Claridges back in March 2014 where I voiced my desire to set up such a group, this was seconded by fellow founder and blog author Deepak Vadithala and immediately supported by UK Marketing Director Tina Goodwin. Along with the 3rd member of the ‘standing commity’ and Qlik Community regular; Jason Michaelides it’s been a case of with Qlik’s assistance shaping exactly what we want the events to be.

The general principals are simple; free, independent, open to all Qlik developers who can attend and lots of great content in an informal environment that aids the spread of knowledge.

Our first Beta event back in November was a huge success with great support from the developers who attended and Qlik who allowed us to host the event in their offices at Tower 42, London. Alistair Eaves the Director of Qlik Labs presented the keynote about what the Labs do and what they’re currently working on & bringing to fruition – this presentation was actually held within the Labs part of the offices – Qlik Geek Central to say the least. Whilst we’re not allowed to go into what was covered specifically because as it transpired we were the first people outside Qlik to see some of the demos so it’s still a little commercially sensitive but I can share my overall feeling; if you like me ever think ‘why doesn’t Qlik do [insert Qlik fantasy of your choice]’ then rest assured it’s probably been experimented with by the people in Qlik Labs. Without spilling too many beans; they have an innovation tucked away in the Labs that in my mind is just as revolutionary as Qlikview itself – we should hear more throughout 2015 and potentially when Sense 2.0 comes out. Also presenting at the event were myself and Jason who showcased some of our Qlikview innovations that we’ve both developed over the years.

Beta Event in full swing

Beta Event in full swing

Thanks to the success of the first event we’ve decided with Qlik’s support to expand the event, so for our upcoming event on Tuesday 27th Jan in London we’re opening up the invitations to any Qlik Developers who can attend. Yet again we’ve got a fantastic agenda with Patrik Lundblad (Qlik’s Global Visualisaiton Advocate) presenting the key-note along with Qlik Luminary Deepak Vadithals presenting his methodology around using Cross Tables to improve Big Data performance, I’ll be showcasing some of my rapid fire development around improving the current selections box and improving how we handle ranking and Jason will be touching on early development best practices, tricks and pitfalls when it comes to developing using Sense. To cap things off we’ll be introducing a regular slot for Qlik Senior Architect Matthew Stephen to present any relevant news or updates from Qlik and finally we’ll also be trying to get to the bottom of what developers truly think about Qlik Sense. This is all of course backed by an air of informality and plenty of free food and drink.

Its early days for the group but already the interest has been strong but we still have a few places available for the 27th of Jan so if you would like to attend and can make it go to QlikDevGroup.com and follow the instructions.

Full event details:

Tuesday 27th Jan 2015 from 6pm at Balls Bros, Minster Exchange, London, EC3R 7PP


18:00 – Doors Open
18:00 – 18:15 – Welcome Drinks
18:15 – 18:30 – Brief group overview for new attendees
Feedback & updates from last session
18:30 – 19:15 – Patrik Lundblad Key-Note
19:15 – 19:30 – Food is provided
19:30 – 19:45 – Matthew Crowther – Casual Quick Fire Demos
19:45 – 20:15 – Deepak Vadithala – Handling Large Datasets with Cross Tables
20:15 – 20:30 – Jason Michaelides – Sense Early Development Benefits & Pitfalls
Qlik Sense Poll
20:30 – 20:45 – Matthew Stephen – Qlik News
20:45 – Qlik Sense Poll Results
20:45 Onwards – Drinks & Networking

A date for your diaries: we already have a date for Event No.3: 6pm Tuesday 27th March again in London (Venue TBC) and we have everyone’s favourite Qlik Wizard Donald Farmer scheduled to provide the keynote and hopefully some great content around getting started with Extensions…in a developer / workaround kind of way!

You can follow the group via @QlikDevGroup or the website QlikDevGroup.com

All the best as always,

Matt – @QlikviewBI

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