10 Ways Charts Can Lie, Cheat & Lead Astray

Charts; they’re like photographs: they never lie, they just show the data as it is right? – wrong. In the wrong hands they can be some of the most cunning and conniving creations ever conceived by man, they’re regularly put to work to lead the gullible astray and hide the all important information held within. … Continue reading

Qliktech Global Partner Mobile App Contest – The Runners & Riders: 1 Thoroughbred, a Few Also Rans and Lots of Old Nags

As some of you may be aware Qliktech has been running a Global Partner Mobile App Contest with the top 5 entries winning an invite to the upcoming Qonnections 2012 event in Miami and yesterday they released the ‘Top 20’ to the Partner Community for voting. For those with Partner Portal access you can view … Continue reading

Brilliant Qlikview Parallel Co-Ordinates Chart

It’s time for a Big Dog chart…from a Big Dog; this piece of awesomeness came via Alistair Eaves Director of Qlikview Labs and therefore Qlikview Geek Number One; it’s the Parallel Co-Ordinates Chart: What complicated Extension Object is used to create this wonderous graphic? – none; it’s a bog standard Line Chart; in my mind … Continue reading