Enhance Your Qlikview Maps with a Few Simple Tweaks (& fix them if they’ve broken).

Firstly apologise for the amount of time its taken to update the blog, I can’t believe it’s been nearly 3mths since my last post. The reasons are many but chief amongst them is the fact I’ve been thinking a bit deeper about Qlikview and BI in general and have been creating some innovations in those … Continue reading

Lessons for Dashboard Developers from the GB Olympic Team – Really?

The worlds of Sport and Dashboarding; there aren’t many parallels there surely? Yes, you could create a dashboard to report on sporting data and that would be very nice indeed but what about actual parallels and lessons we as dashboard developers could learn from sport? Well, as a resident of Great Britain I’ve been saturated … Continue reading

The Indexed Time Series Chart – The Forgotten Technique (At Least by Most Qlikview Developers)

I really should have posted about Indexed Charts earlier as they’re something I’ve long wanted to promote in the Qlikview world and always wondered why I’ve never before seen them deployed; with the right data they’re nigh on essential to deliver the insight users need. Why are Indexed Line Charts so useful, surely a normal … Continue reading

Qlikview Data Solider Essentials Part 2 – API Guides

Yes it ships with Qlikview so everyone should have it but not everyone is aware of it…and the API’s can be really useful when it comes to getting the last drop of functionality out of Qlikview so I’m giving them a promotion here. Download the v11 Guide here: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B0nQ9tZcY4wzN2E1WjgtRGNSTEtsTHhoX1RuN1l4Zw Download the v10 Guide here: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B0nQ9tZcY4wzSU1kWmtnR2tTUDJXMDhsSE11MjE0UQ And … Continue reading

Qlikview Data Soldier Essentials Part 1: Shortcut Keys

I intend this to be the first in an ongoing series of posts covering things that I’ve found essential during my time as a Qlikview Developer, most will be fairly straight forward but are those types of things that you’ll think ‘why didn’t I know that sooner’ when you find out. I’m sure most people … Continue reading