New Qlikview Timeline Spread Analysis (aka ‘Ribbon Chart’)

What better way to celebrate the arrival of the Qonnections 2012 event inMiami(where hopefully lots of new ‘Front End’ possibilities are going to be unveiled) than with a new Qlikview chart. This chart is based on a similar principal to my recent replication of the Windows Defragmenter chart that can be found here: However … Continue reading

Qlikview Contiguity Chart (aka ‘That Chart From the Windows Disk Defragmenter’)

If you’re thinking: “Wow! – The Windows Defragmenter Chart in Qlikview…nigh on useless.” then don’t be too hasty; there’s far more value here than first meets the eye, this can potentially be a very useful chart as I’ll hopefully show. Of course we aren’t using this chart in the same way as Windows does, in-fact … Continue reading

10 Ways Charts Can Lie, Cheat & Lead Astray

Charts; they’re like photographs: they never lie, they just show the data as it is right? – wrong. In the wrong hands they can be some of the most cunning and conniving creations ever conceived by man, they’re regularly put to work to lead the gullible astray and hide the all important information held within. … Continue reading

Beautiful Design & Chart Innovations From Qliktech – And The Elephant In The Dashboard

**POST NOW UPDATED AFTER WORDPRESS DELETED THE 2nd HALF – FULL .QVW NOW AVAILABLE*** It’s that man again; Michael Anthony (@mejadesign); Qliktechs relatively new in house designer has delivered another good…no; bloody good looking dashboard showing what’s sort-of, kind-a possible with Qlikview (as I’ll explain later). Let’s start with the positive; I can’t fault the … Continue reading

Qlikview Associative Radial Chart

This is a chart I came across a few years ago (unfortunately I’ve no idea who created it so apologise for not showing a credit where it’s due) and thought it would come in use one day, I hope it acn be put to wider use. What we’re showing here is relationships between products; commonly associated … Continue reading

Upcoming New Qlikview Chart Types Inspired by Tableau

 As readers of some of my previous posts will be aware; I’ve been looking at Tableau recently and I’ve stated that Qlikview could take alot from what Tableau does (that’s not to say I think Tableau is a better product I think it has several key flaws) by way of visualisations so this post is … Continue reading

Different Ways to Interact & Display Information With Bar Charts & Tables

Something of an ambiguous title for this post but it’s quite a nebulous ‘solution’ to a problem that isn’t really a problem!? DOWNLOAD THE EXAMPLE .QVW – It will make understanding what’s been done here so much easier – ***Firstly; I have to hold my hands up and say that I’ve just spotted identical … Continue reading

New Qlikview Proportional Waffle Charts

Firstly; I didn’t coin the term ‘Waffle Chart’ (I prefer ‘Proportional Squares’), I first came across them on the excellent data visualization blog EagerEyes (, secondly I have to admit that they are only slightly more useful as regular Pie Charts which to some of you Stephen Few acolytes will equate to nigh on useless. Personally I … Continue reading

Method To Highlight Dimensional Groups of Data in Tabular Charts

Now that’s what I call a dry heading! It sounds more like a doctoral thesis than a blog post but it’s the best I could think of to describe what’s being shown here. So what exactly are we doing and why? A relatively common request I had from customers whilst I was a consultant on … Continue reading

At Last! A Good Dashboard Design From Qliktech – or is it?

It may be a bit of an exageration; there have been some reasonable looking dashboards that originated from the Qliktech mothership but so far I think this is the best one I’ve seen, it’s taken from a recent presentation delivered to Qliktech Partners via the Qollaborations scheme. However; there’s always a ‘however’, taking a closer … Continue reading