Qonnections 2012 – The Insights, Rumor and Assumptions & What They Mean for the Future

Qonnections 2012 came to a close in South Beach Miami on Wednesday bringing to an end what seemed to be a break from the normal Qonnections affair; there seemed to be little concrete announced but there were many pointers to the future direction of Qlikview which made a welcome change. Firstly it should be said … Continue reading

Book Review: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information – Edward Tufte

So here we have it; a book review of one of the two Qlikview recommended ‘must reads’ (the other being Stephen Few’s ‘Information Dashboard Design’ which I’ll cover at a later date), many of you will have already heard of the work of Edward Tufte so this review is perhaps aimed more at those new … Continue reading

Qliktech Global Partner Mobile App Contest – The Runners & Riders: 1 Thoroughbred, a Few Also Rans and Lots of Old Nags

As some of you may be aware Qliktech has been running a Global Partner Mobile App Contest with the top 5 entries winning an invite to the upcoming Qonnections 2012 event in Miami and yesterday they released the ‘Top 20’ to the Partner Community for voting. For those with Partner Portal access you can view … Continue reading

Different Ways to Interact & Display Information With Bar Charts & Tables

Something of an ambiguous title for this post but it’s quite a nebulous ‘solution’ to a problem that isn’t really a problem!? DOWNLOAD THE EXAMPLE .QVW – It will make understanding what’s been done here so much easier – https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BxloTMUod74tOHFsZC1CMlNRdnVjaHRzRkk4dlFlZw. ***Firstly; I have to hold my hands up and say that I’ve just spotted identical … Continue reading

New Qlikview Indexed Explosion Quadrant Chart

So how best to visualize relative changes between time periods for your, products, sales regions, sales people, customers etc etc… a QVDesign Indexed Explosion Quadrant Chart of course! The first thing to say is that this isn’t a chart I’ve plucked out of thin air, I first saw it used by the Brussels based Think-Tank … Continue reading

Book Review: The Art of Looking Sideways – Alan Fletcher

So which book that relates to Qlikview to review first? Obviously a tricky question, especially when you consider that the only Qlikview ‘book’ in print is the Qlikview manual (I’m sure someone will write one in the not too distant future). I was thinking to begin with a book about dashboarding, or data visualisation in … Continue reading