Who am I?

Not just the title of a Jackie Chan film but a perfectly valid question.

I’m Matthew Crowther; I run Visual Analytics Ltd; a UK based Qlikview consultancy.

Throughout my time using Qlikview I’ve been; an ‘End User’ (Apologies to Donald Farmer but that is the easiest term), a lead consultant for a Qliktech Partner and the head of a 100% Qlikview foucsed consultancy, its led to me developing Qlikview dashbaords & architectures that are in use by multi-billon dollar companies and those listed on the FTSE 100/250, Nasdaq and DOW Jones indexes as well as those with fewer than 5 employees and its taken me right across the globe…oh; and Qliktech themselves use some of my charts.

In terms of my BQ (Before Qlikview) history; I come from a predominently Financial Services background (with owning an online Off Licence thrown in) having got into Qlikview via Excel, Access and a smattering of SQL, however; it’s my long standing love of design & aesthetics that has driven me to create this blog.

I’m also a top 50 member on the Qlikview.com forum (matt.crowther) where I try and push the ‘aesthetic agender’ as much as I can.

Email: matt.crowther@Visual-Analytics.co.uk | Twitter: @QlikviewBI


2 Responses to “Who am I?”
  1. Damien says:

    Your blog is one of the most useful for Qlikview tips and resources on the Internet, thank you for all your posts !

  2. mellerbeck says:

    Hey Matthew, you must by busy haven’t seen a post lately 🙂 did you see the winning entry for the Qlikview data challenge? Would love to hear your thoughts http://www.qlik.com/us/company/press-room/press-releases/2013/en/1204-qliktech-announces-winners-of-its-take-action-open-data-challenge

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