About QV Design

Yet another Qlikview Blog! Yhay!! – Not quite; the ones a little different…hopefully.

That’s not to knock existing Qlikview blogs that are out there, I just feel many of them are missing half the story: the front-end. I’m all for whizzy scripting, custom connectors and immense data models etc as much as the next person but without a usable, engaging and meaningful front-end layout that’s all too often forgotten it can all come to naught. So QVDesign is here to help change that by showcasing good examples of Qlikview dashboard deployment, new chart innovations and general visual dashboarding insights (there will be some scripting along the way as well).

So have a browse around and get inspired; it’s not plagerism; it’s research.


Few bits of house keeping: of course all the views expressed here are my own, I will as much as possible reference other peoples work I’m building on or linking to but if I miss something just let me know and I’ll set it right.

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